Who is Kevin Tran?

Kevin Tran

You can call me Kevin or Kevin Tran

I have access to the Internet since 2010, used, tested and accumulated many experiences in the fields of Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Sales Funnel.

Time ago, I have worked on some leading brands including, STV Television Station/Multimedia Company , Co-Founder Urchance Review, Marketing for some brands of digital products

  • I am currently CEO/Founder Zeal Review,as well as marketing director STV Television Station/Multimedia Company and is in BOD (Board of Directors) of some other companies
    Currently working as a Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, Sales Funnel Expert and live in Vietnam.

  • There is too much bullshit in marketing as well as too much hype. I have been successful because I look at the brands I have worked on from a consumer’s point of view and asked “what’s in it for me?”.
    For myself, I get excited about figuring out what makes a customer engage. I love unlocking what makes them tick and advocate for a brand. Creating content that is useful to the customer.

So….Why did I create this Blog?

Zeal Review Logo

With the desire to connect, share the experiences and knowledge that I and my friends come to many friends, especially young people are in the direction of career development, The survival instinct to have a safe and happy life has been shortened for a long time, avoiding going to bumpy roads, empty roads with no way out.

Hope you actively contribute comments to make the page more complete, bringing the best experience to readers!

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P/S : Apart from marketing life I also love photography

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Kevin Tran in Da Nang, VietNam

Honeymoon with my wife in Da nang, Viet Nam